March update

Okay, March Madness is in full effect. I am still trying to get the kids excited about KU basketball. They sort of follow the Jayhawks, but not enough to watch. Hmmm. In due time, I suppose.

Ellie and JD are busy playing tennis. Ellie just finished being in the school play (Sleeping Beauty) and she was a narrator. JD is getting ready to start lacrosse.

Our house is in disarray as our kitchen is being remodeled . . . I mean really, really remodeled. Our old kitchen and dining room have been combined into a very large kitchen. The old formal living room is now 1/2 formal living room and 1/2 formal dining room. It was a large room so it looks natural with the new look. And, the kitchen cabinets and flooring and new walls and openings are all in place. We’re just waiting on tile, backsplash, some lighting, countertops . . . and appliances, which come tomorrow.

I am leaving for 3 weeks to South Africa near Cape Town to work with some GVSU students who will be teacher assisting in township schools. We’ll also spend about 10 days touring the country along the Indian Ocean to see elephants and much more. Should be loads of fun. Be sure to check back for photos of the trip and of our kitchen.

I have been taking a photo each day and there are bunches of the kitchen in various stages. You can access our photos using the link at the top.

finally online — EUROPE Edition

today is our first connection to the internet. ooh, how tough it’s been — NOT!!!

i should have photos available later tonight at this link:

day 1 (sept 1 & 2)
we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany at what would have been close to midnight our time . . . i had zero sleep and it was already nearly 7 AM — ouch. plus, the place was quite confusing. it took Paula and me about 45 minutes to figure out the pay phone to dial the person we called to get our car. finally we were off and right onto the Autobahn. zoooom! as we neared Austria, we stopped in a fairly small German village for lunch. it was quite cute. i found parking and some young 20-something guys tried to explain to me that parking wasn’t free; you needed a paper clock thingy on your dashboard. eventually, we figured things out and the guys gave me their paper clock for our car. when we finished, i set the clock back on their car along with a few Euro dollars. off to Austria . . . the Alps. we drove through tunnels and meandering mountain roads until we reached Innsbruck. what a beautiful town in the Alps. this community hosted the Olympics back in the 60s, i believe and is about 130,000 people. we had a nice hotel just across the river from the main old town area. 2 minutes from our hotel, we found an Italian eatery with an Italian owner and his son. the son spoke 5 languages and was our waiter. i think we all agreed that it was one of the better meals we’d ever had. what a way to start our trip.

day 2 (9/3)
we allĀ  woke up around 4:30 in the morning and had trouble staying in our rooms until the hotel started breakfast at 7. off to Italy. it only took us less than 2 hours to get to Italy through the Alps. the mountains in Italy were large as well. we emerged near Verona and that’s where the GPS got confusing. it tells us street names, but the pronunciation is not very good, to say the least. off to Padova for a few days. our hotel in Padova was right across the street from the Basilica of Saint Anthony. big tourist attraction. it’s also in the old town. i had to drive on road after road that was barely wide enough for a car and i had guys on mopeds speeding on by me — and bikes as well. needless-to-say, i couldn’t find parking and then the GPS would have to steer me all around to find the hotel again. extremely confusing. i even ended up on a dead-end . . . and it took me a long time to turn around because of so little room. i was blocking bikers and pedestrians and it was highly stressful. come to find out, our hotel had parking. doh. we walked around the old town and into the Basilica tour. we also had our first gelato . . . we’re hooked. mmmmm.

day 3 (9/4)
Venice! we took a bus to the train station. 6 of us cost $14 to ride the train to Venice — about 1/2 hour ride. Venice is an experience. i cannot imagine a more touristy place in the world that isn’t Disney World. we took a boat ride from the station to the bridge Rialto. walked the rest of the day . . . i even managed to learn to navigate Venice quite well. fun to walk. we hit Saint Marks Square, but this place is shop after shop after shop after shop. and people, people, people from everywhere. i noticed so many cultures and different kinds of “cool” that nothing was really cool in Venice; you just were. we all decided that 1 day was enough and that we probably wouldn’t do Venice again in our lives. but to experience once was worth it.

day 4 (9/5)
woke up in Padova and had coffee. i thought i was ordering coffee . . . it came out as espresso — a small cup with super strong coffee. almost like liquid coffee beans, straight. YUCK. i can’t figure out how to get a coffee but i have now figured out that they know cappuccino, so that’s what i’ll have from here on out. jumped on the highway to head to Fanano. Fanano is in the central/west part of Italy and is located in another Alps area. beautiful. this is where Paula’s great grandparents came from. Paula’s mom is near tears as we arrive in the small mountain community (talk about meandering roads — sheesh!). folks here drive fast on these tiny roads. i had to pull over and let many folks pass me. i am having great difficulty with road signs as i don’t know what they mean. i am scared to drive faster many times because i have no clue what the speed limit is. so i let someone pass me then i keep up with them a safe distance behind. i am starting to speak Italian enough to say basic conversational things — Paula has a bit more and the kids are even using Italian these days. we walk from our hotel about 10 minutes to the town center. mucho activity. Paula’s mom meets people who speak enough English to converse and they know her family name and soon another guy is called in. he lives in Chicago and spoke with Donna on the phone last month. he also has a house here in Fanano and fills us in with all of the details, etc. The kids found Monkey park — a giant park of ropes and obstacles for climbing. very neat. they enjoyed it a bunch. they even met a boy who spoke perfect English. he had lived in the USA but his parents recently divorced and he was now in Italy.

day 5 (9/6)
still in Fanano. today we drove to the cemetery to look for distant ancestors. not much luck, but we found a lot of names that were known. the views from this area are just spectacular down into the valley. we also drove to a super small town where Paula’s great grandparents actually lived (about 3 km away). it was up even higher and had even better views of Fanano. we switched to a bed and breakfast in the town center today. great move and everything is happening right outside. in fact, today was the huge Festival for the Immigrants. we joined the town in the festival. we even sat at the head table with the mayor and his family. they all spoke English as did a number of other people, so we were able to have many conversations. i even spoke with an older Italian man for about 20 minutes — he spoke no English, but we managed to say much to each other. the kids went back to Monkey park and played again. we also had 2 big scoops of gelato to end the evening.

day 6 (9/7)we left Fanono and drove through the mountains for a few hours. skinny roads and high elevations. we had to pull over twice for Ellie as she just couldn’t handle the hairpin turns over and over and over and over. but we emerged and found a hotel in Florence. wow! this place is a 4-star hotel, which is incredible and it’s cheap. it’s on the outskirts of Florence, but right on the bus path. we hoped on a bus and were in Florence in time for lunch (20 minute ride). Florence was awesome. this is the city to visit if you’re coming to Italy. everything is great. it’s got some of the tourism stuff like Venice, but it’s actually got stuff to see and do and not just mostly shops. today was very, very slow with regard to tourists. we ate lunch and headed over to the museum to see the statue of David. Paula was scared it would be hours of standing in line . . . and most days it requires a reservation in advance. well, we showed up and walked right in. i mean, we walked right in. amazing. David was incredible. even Ellie noticed how detailed the the veins on David’s hands were. the statue is just huge. i’d guess it was 20′ tall and 30′ on the stand it was on. amazing!!! we looked around the museum more and then headed to the Cathedral. wow again! amazing art everywhere. statues, painting, and everything. we headed over to the river and the famous bridge before heading back to the Piazza (plaza) center for dinner. i love this city! we all enjoyed it.