Ellie and No Child Left Behind

so, Ellie took our state test for the No Child Left Behind law — the MEAP in Michigan. in 3rd grade last year she did quite well, but this year she improved on the 4th grade test. in fact, she could not have improved any more because Ellie aced the reading half of the test; she got a perfect score. KUDOS to Ellie!!! on the math test she scored near the top and missed just one fraction problem, so she has some room to improve next year. ;~)

Sean on the news

so, i was interviewed for a story about iPods in education because a local school is using these mp3 players in their classes. 22 seconds of my interview made it onto the newscast . . . and they fail to mention my name or give me any credit, it’s me. unfortunately, they quickly put up the name of a female teacher at an area school — so i cover it up (or try). anyway, here it is —