New house

We signed the paperwork on the new house today…We are now the proud owners of two houses — egads!

We took Ellie and Joshua over to the new house tonight so they could run around and see the future surroundings. Josh and Ellie spent a lot of time playing the piano while Paula starting stripping the wallpaper and adding new contact paper in the cabinets. I took measurements and stuff guys are supposed to do. 😉

The house we hope to buy

Paula should have a new journal entry available soon (she started writing it in early January).

Big news…We could be VERY close to buying this house (it has an offer that is about to fall through). Click to see a photo (This is a large photo so you can see it better ~150k). It is located in East Grand Rapids.

Offer nearly accepted

Wow! The deal fell through on the house below and we made an offer that should be accepted tomorrow. Looks like we’ll be moving — Close is set for March 31. Our new community will be East Grand Rapids (the best school district in all of Michigan).
I found this on the website:

The East Grand Rapids School District has the distinction of being the only school district in the state of Michigan to receive full summary accreditation for all of its schools. Accreditation by the state of Michigan is awarded to schools who have demonstrated continuous improvement of their school, the accurate reporting of information about their school and the education of children to the public, and the achievement of specific standards as measured by the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP). Additionally, EGR high school has led the State on the SAT and ACT the past few years.

Only the best for my kids, eh? 😉

Here’s Joshua and Ellie’s future grade school (and, there are only 3 houses in between our new house and this school):

Quite exciting times…Now, if only someone would buy our house quickly.

We spent the weekend in Chicago. We took the kids to see Blue’s Clues Live along with their cousin Mark and his parents. It was a fun time, but went by too quickly.

I am getting close to revamping the website. We’ll see if I can find the time.


Well, the stomach flu made its rounds through our family over the past few weeks. Joshua and Ellie seem to have lingering colds right now. Winter has been dropping the snow like crazy the past few weeks. I think we’re ready to move to Florida…if we could take our jobs with us.

Daddy and Ellie will be off to Disney on Ice tomorrow (of course, it overlaps with the big KU – Arizona basketball game). Should be fun as daddy was able to get two front row seats. Ellie would tell you that I am the best daddy in the whole world…of course, she would tell you anything we asked her to tell you so that doesn’t make it right…even if it is. 😉

Blogging (by Paula)

guess it’s time i jump into the blogging fray…today i was home with Ellie because she had a fever. we read some books and watched some educational tv. i had to make a lot of phone calls because i was scheduled to meet with students today and had to switch from meetings to phone conferences. anyway, i was right in the middle of advising a student when Ellie saw me on my laptop (looking up the student’s records). she immediately came running into the dinning room where i was making the calls and started saying, “playhouse disney dot com…please. pleeeease.” i couldn’t reason with her because she was so determined. because i was ignoring her while i was on the phone only added to her determination. i had to have a student wait on me while i navigated to for my little daughter. a good bonding day for daddy and daughter.