Little Hound Doggie

Joshua just gets sweeter and sweeter. There was a time when Paula and I thought he might just be an angry child because he would get so frustrated before he could talk. Now, he is getting more and more confident with the words he uses and his vocabulary is exploding. In fact, he isn’t afraid to try to say any word.

Joshua does have difficulty enunciating his words, but he tries them where he used to just get frustrated.

Joshua is just a lovey-dovey little guy. He has also gotten so polite…He is quick to apologize when he has done wrong (by contrast, Ellie used to be very hard-headed about saying, “sorry”). Joshua also says please when he asks for things and he is pretty good about picking up his toys…particularly for a 2 year old.

He and Ellie play together so well. I have the kids on Wednesday evenings when Paula teaches and I can sit in the kitchen making dinner and then cleaning up afterwards and those two can play together the whole time…what nice kids we have.

From point A to point B

Josh is crawling now. He started late last week and is already about as fast as a kid can be on all fours. I think he waited until he knew he could do it well before trying. Josh was crawling around and we were getting dinner prepared on only his second day of crawling. Paula went to check on Josh and Ellie in the living room and Josh was standing up (wow!). He had pulled open a drawer on the entertainment center and grabbed hold of the drawer and pulled himself up. This was the first time he had stood up on his own. Bunches of firsts for the little guy.

Just prior to crawling, Josh was quick to get frustrated and let you know about it. Now that he crawls, the fussing is much closer to nil again. Whew! He is a happy boy.

JD in April

Copycat JD

Well, Joshua is getting more and more vocal. He says, mama and dada and lots of other sounds — often just to hear himself talk. He and I will often get into shouting contests and that causes him to laugh and laugh.

He is not quite crawling yet, but he scoots around and rolls over and over to get where he wants to go. It is interesting to note that Joshua can stand and walk around if you let him hold 1 finger in each of his hands. He can also sit up alone and stand if you place him so that his hands are on a table.

He is a demanding child and knows what he wants and lets you know. He wants to do everything Ellie is doing and loves to watch her. He can often sit and watch her do something and laugh when she looks at him. I wish we could bottle this love up and pull it out when these two are older. 😉

Growing boy

Not a lot has changed with the little slugger. He now rolls over with relative ease from back to front and front to back. He is also getting bigger and bigger (e.g., see Clifford, the big red dog). Josh can wear outfits that Ellie wore at 10 – 12 months and he’s only nearly 6 months old.

We were worried after having Ellie because she was such a good baby…we figured things would average out with Joshua. Josh has turned out to be easier than Ellie was up to this point. He is always happy (except when hungry or tired). He loves to watch everything that is going on and to play with all sorts of little toys. Won’t be long before we can start shooting some movies of Joshua, too.

JD rolling over

While Paula was in Kansas this past week, she was talking with our friend Ellen Mellard about Joshua. It seems he should be holding himself up by now and he had yet to do that prior to the trip. When Paula got home, she placed Joshua down on the ground on his tummy to work with him on holding himself up. Before we knew it, Josh had propped himself up and rolled completely over. Paula put him back on his tummy and he promptly did it again. He’s getting strong.

He’s still talking and talking and talking. He particularly likes watching Ellie play. Ellie is happy to try and include him in her play…she’ll often hand him an extra toy by placing it on his chest or on his hand. Paula was reading a book to Ellie and before each page was turned, Ellie would turn the book and show the picture to Josh.

blah, blah, goo

Joshua is more vocal than Ellie was at this age (3 months). He loves to talk and gets a huge smile on his face when anyone gets near him and talks to him. It’s easy to tell that he really wants to say more as he contorts his mouth and curls his tongue and says his, “ahs” and “oohs” and “gaa’s” and goo’s.”

Ellie loves to give him hugs and kisses. She even tells him, “bless you josh” when he sneezes. Ellie really wants him to be able to play. She will often say, “come on little brother — let’s play.” Very cute stuff. I am sure he is quite eager to join her.

mommy and JD

“it’s okay baby”

Joshua is very alert. He is even starting to mimic us. For instance, if you look at him and stick out your tongue, he will stick his tongue out, too. He seems too small to be doing this, but he does it every time.

Ellie loves helping out with her little brother (she still calls him ‘baby’ but she does know his name). When he is crying, she will walk over and pat him and say, “it’s okay baby.”


JD, the baby

Joshua gave his first big smile on Halloween. Paula was playing with him and he gave her a couple of huge smiles. Otherwise, he sleeps, eats, and we change diapers. He did sleep 6 straight hours last night and that made mommy and daddy very happy. Keep it up slugger!

little guy


Halloween was a blast.

moo moo ellie

peapod JD

ready for candy

Kate and Ellie

This morning, 18 month old Ellie recited all of the letters of the alphabet…not all of the way through, but close. She said, “A-B-C-D-E-F-G” and then I said, “H-I” and she continued on for a 4 or 5 letters and would stop. I would then say the next letter or so, and she would continue on until we were finished. I then went back through and did the same thing except I tried to avoid saying letters I had said the first time. It was pretty cool and she was quite proud, “all right!” when we finished. Won’t be long.

Ellie does the cutest little thing when she is thinking. If you ask her a question that requires thought, she places her chin in her hand and then says, “hmmm.” She might do this 2 or 3 times and she gets a serious look on her face.

Ellie could go on her potty chair every time, but she isn’t quite annoyed with going in her diaper yet. If we ask her if she wants to go on her potty chair, she will usually respond affirmatively. When she sits on the chair, she knows what to do. It is just a matter of guessing when she needs to go. We’ll get it worked out.