“I want to go to the doctor”

Late last week, Ellie asked to go to the doctor after having a fever for 3 days. She will not take medicine and has a pretty strong gag reflex that only adds to the complications. Anyway, she said, “I want to go to the doctor” and, not getting her to eat or drink at this point decided it was time to go (8:00pm – ish). I did manage to get her to drink some juice with her medicine on the way to the doctor’s office (mommy stayed home with Joshua). I could tell Ellie was already feeling better as we sat in the waiting room. Oh well.

The doctor looked Ellie over and couldn’t find anything wrong (her temperature was down to 101.9 by this time). The doctor decided to get a urine sample to test for a urinary tract infection. They put a baggy-type contraption on Ellie and told us to go to the waiting area and…well, wait. While sitting in the waiting room, Ellie named all of the colors of blocks that they had on a table. She also said her ABC’s and the receptionist was amazed (she had a 2 year old daughter, too). Ellie then decided to spell her name for the woman. Before the woman could finish clapping, Ellie proceeded to spell, “m-o-m-m-y…mommy” and that even amazed me. Paula had spelled each of our names with chalk on the driveway recently, but we hadn’t worked on teaching her to spell anything beyond her name.

Finally, around 10:30, we decided that she wasn’t going to “go” on her own and we thought that a catheter would be the best option to get us done and get Ellie home in bed. I helped to hold Ellie’s arms while the nurses and doctor did their thing. Of course, this was an unpleasant experience and Ellie cried. In between her cries, I explained to Ellie that they were just trying to help. Ellie looked at the medical staff and said, “thaaank yooouuuu” – mixed in with her cry. It just broke my heart.

Everything turned out fine and Ellie’s temperature was back to normal by the time we left (~11:00pm). She’s been fine ever since. She also still likes the doctor’s office.