July 2007

we just returned from a trip to Kansas and Illinois. i took my camera along, but only ended up taking a few photos (doh!). but, i did find a new plugin to use with my photo editing software that allows me to export edited photos directly into thelancasters.net photo album. so, i have some updated photos from July 2007 you can view at the Photos link above. check them out . . . i also added a new big flash with my camera so they photos look particularly good. ;~)

2 Replies to “July 2007”

  1. Hi Guys-
    I always love to check up on the latest in the Lancaster family these days! Life is treating us well out East! Hopefully we will run into you soon!!! Take Care

  2. Hey Kels . . . we got to hang out with your dad for a spell last week and he told us all about you guys. We’re thinking of hitting D.C. next year so you can bet we’ll make our way over to see and Brady.

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