Notes and photos

well, it’s been too long. Ellie has her first loose tooth . . . actually, she has 4 loose teeth right now with 2 getting pretty close (bottom front). JD has been growing up fast as well. we just had a parent-teacher conference with JD’s teachers and she told me that JD is excellent in every category except for 2. he isn’t a great artist and he doesn’t know how to resolve conflict very well; however, she said that every kid in the class needs work on this and that they won’t master it at this age anyway. his report card had about 50 categories JD was doing terrific in all of them. in fact, JD is the only kid in the class who can count to 100 . . . and he has counted past 700 before giving up. the teacher had to stop him. heh heh. he is also reading small words, though i think i mentioned that previously. he should be ready for kindergarten next year.

i took the kids to ohio about 2 weeks ago. we went down to aunt Amber’s (Am and Dave and AJ) and my mom and Bill drove up as well. even uncle Barry flew in for the weekend. we had a lot of fun and took time to visit the children’s museum where we had a ball. here’s the kids with their grandmother (doing some experiment with sound):
Grandma Kids

here is the kids with their grandma and grandpa:
Grandparents Cook Kids

and here are the 3 grandkids (AJ is their cousin):
Grandkids Ohio
on halloween, we collected a lot of candy, but Ellie’s feet started to hurt. she went as Dorothy from the wizard of oz (she was born in kansas, which made it an even better costume). unfortunately, the ruby red slippers weren’t very comfy:
Ellie Dorothy Oz

JD went as batman as shown here:
Jd Batman

and finally, here are the kid just hanging out at the children’s museum in Columbus, Ohio:
Kids Ohio
you should be able to click on any photo to see a larger version.

we are leaving for kansas early next week to hand out for Thanksgiving. should be fun.

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