The penguin

so, the kids and i were fiddling around with clay yesterday. JD made nice heart for Paula on Mother’s day and Ellie made a penguin. i was really impressed with the way Ellie combined and used the colors to get the desired effect, etc. certainly not museum worthy, but pretty good for a 6 year old. i decided to put it in the oven to make it more permanent — i thought i could use it as a paperweight (since we all use those so much). i checked the oven after a while and noticed the head and wings had fallen off. hmmm.

Paula explained that i should probably use toothpicks to help hold the pieces in place. she meant that i should bury the toothpicks into the body and have just the tips sticking out and use that to attach the pieces. being ignorant to cooking clay and such (it was my first attempt, after all), i did the best i could (keep in mind that it was also very hot while i was doing this):

clay penguin

this photo was taken shortly after it was removed from the oven. when it came out, Ellie was standing there waiting . . . oblivious to the earlier discussion about the toothpicks — and a huge smile on her face in anticipation. anyway, she took one look at the penguin and whined, “that is sooo not my penguin.” obviously, you had to be there . . . but the photo still cracks me up knowing what i know now. ;~)