i realize i just posted another entry 2 days ago, but this is worth sharing. last night i took the kids to the mall to meet up with Paula so we could buy the kids spring clothing. we decided to eat dinner at the mall. when eating, we typically ask the kids about their days. JD had studied frogs and toads yesterday, so i asked him to talk about frogs and toads.

he explained how we are mammals and that we have warm blood. the frogs and toads have cold blood and they need to dig down and hibernate in the winter. i asked him to talk more about frogs and toads and he described some facts about frogs and toads and then he looked up at us and said, “did you know that frogs like living around water because they are amphibians?” when he used the word, “amphibian” i think paula and i both did a double-take. ;~)

today he is scheduled to learn about Vincent Van Gogh, so that should make for a fun discussion tonight.