Parent – teacher conferences

paula and i had our second parent/teacher conference with Ellie’s teacher this week. everything went just as you’d expect with our little gal. Ellie is doing first grade work in kindergarten and her teacher regularly provides Ellie with additional school work that her classmates are not doing. Mrs Stuursma explained that Ellie is very good about doing the extra work and not pointing it out to other kids or acting like she is any better than her classmates. good for Ellie. i asked her about it tonight and she said that she knows she does harder work, but that she should be doing harder work because she can do it. and, Ellie talked about wanting to do her personal best in school. Mrs Stuursma told us that she has been talking to Ellie about doing her personal best, so it’s nice to see this is something that Ellie has taken to heart.

Paula had a conference with JD’s teacher last week (or the week before). JD is also doing quite well. his memory is just fantastic and he regularly gets answers right when his class is questioned during group time. he is the little helper and is always willing to clean up after he plays and when it is time to make the transition into a new activity. it’s hard to believe that he has my genes, eh? heh heh. the teacher did say that JD needs to work on his emotions. he is a little too quick to cry and he will even cry if he feels bad for his friends (e.g., he made his friend Robert cry and seeing Robert cry made JD cry). JD will be going to Ellie’s school soon to get assessed for kindergarten or the pre kindergarten program called young fives. any kids born from sept. 1 – the end of december can potentially be placed in young fives instead of kindergarten . . . since they would technically be 4 years old when kindergarten starts. about 30 kids end up in young fives so that they can take an extra year to get ready for kindergarten. Paula and i think it might be good to let JD wait a year whether he ends up in young fives or not. the extra year would help him mature some more and get over the crying, but it would also allow some extra separation between Ellie and JD . . . and that has to be good for JD. so, we’ll see.