Circus circus

Okay, I have something against the circus from the get-go. I just can’t help but think about how cruel they must be to animals. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Every Tuesday and Thursday, a professor buddy of mine who has an office upstairs from me drops his daughter by (single dad) so she can walk to school with Ellie as they are in the same class. My friend has to teach an early class on those days. To say thanks, he bought us tickets to the circus last weekend. We all went together and Paula stayed home to clean up some of the mess the builders have created. We had much fun at the circus and I have added some new photos from the event and in the days around the circus. Click on Photos (top and right) to see the photos. Ellie rode the biggest pony they had and JD rode . . . well, he rode a bail of hay, but not very enthusiastically. Check out the photos and you’ll find one of him on the bail of hay.

Ellie surprised us the other day by writing her first book . . . without any help. You can see the photos I took of the pages in the same photo set that contains the circus shots. If you need help reading the words, I have a better version here for you to see a typed version as well. The fact that she can piece together sentences and create a whole story over various pages is something to behold. Very neato!

JD has been into counting lately. The other day he honestly counted to 229 before giving up. He knows that 300 comes after 299 and that next comes 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, and 900. He won’t start kindergarten for over a year, but there are kids in Ellie’s kindergarten class who can’t count beyond 20ish. JD is doing just swell.

Construction is coming along on the remodeling to our house. They should put up drywall tomorrow and then they’ll just have flooring and cabinents left along with painting. They put in the insulation today and that really caused everything to take shape. Looking good.

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  1. The picture of Ellie being mad is scary! Especially when the very next picture shows Josh so angelic.

  2. I have a few others where she is shows other expressions, but none where she was normal looking. She just didn’t want her picture taken at that moment. ;~)

    I’ll see if I can replace it later on.

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