Family life

Our house is an absolute mess right now. We are remodeling and our house is in disarray. A few weeks ago, the work started and we are probably a month or so away from having an extra 1/2 bath and a whole new master’s suite. Previously, our bedroom was in between the kids’ bedrooms and we all shared a bathroom. After construction, we’ll take over the guest room and it will be larger and have a beautiful full bathroom and a huge walk-in closet. The entrance to our house from garage will be moved and the laundry room will be moved. Our square footage increases a little bit and we even managed to get a kitchen pantry out of this project. It’s pretty awesome to see the skeleton coming together.

I visited Ellie’s classroom last Thursday. I was lucky enough to have Ellie’s group come to my teaching station. Her group is just able to do so much more than the other groups who passed through my station with regard to the problems they could solve together. It’s easy to forget how advanced our little gal is because we’re so used to how quickly she picks up on things and we just come to expect much as the norm. But, spending time in Ellie’s classroom provides me with a glimpse of where most kids this age are performing.

JD is getting excited about school. And, he’s so excited at night and just loves to do homework. He can sit and write letters and say letter sounds for long periods of time. We’re still working on trying to “get” the concept of reading since he can say letter sounds, but he’s just not quite over the hump. He can get lucky, but he doesn’t quite get it. So close.

The kids have been enjoying the outdoors lately. The temps have been in the 60s for the past many days. We spent the whole weekend outside riding big wheels and scooters and playing at the playground again, and again, and again. Fun, fun times.

Finally, on Friday night the kids had their first sleep over. They both stayed over at Molly’s house (Ellie’s friend). It wasn’t a planned thing, but when it was decided the kids were all for it. And, I stayed up late on Friday just waiting for the call to come pick a child (or two) up. The call never came. They stayed and loved it.