Uncle Barry visits

Uncle Barry (Sean’s brother) came and had a fun visit this past weekend. He arrived on Friday and was able to accompany us as we took the kids to their first ski lessons on a slope not too far from our house. The kids were getting the hang of turning and all that jazz. Ellie loved skiing and JD thinks he needs to wait until he is 6 to try again. The thing is, JD was very, very good for his first time. He was turning left and right with the greatest of ease. I think he just felt like it was too much work. I’ll get him out on the slope very soon and show him how fun it can be. I have added photos of the ski lessons if you click on Photos (right somewhere or at the very top of this page).

We didn’t have anything planned while uncle Barry was here, but we spent a lot of time hanging out and just having funĀ (mostly eating and watching KU basketball). The kids wanted to play "wrestling" quite a bit. JD has the game figured out to where he has force fields and super strong armor such that he can’t be hurt. But, Barry helped JD learn that being invincible wasn’t all that fun . . . though, I have no doubt that this "lesson" will last until the next time we play wrestling. ;~)

Barry and I were able to take Ellie to her rehearsal for her big choir concert this past weekend. They were in the St. Cecilia’s Music Society, which is a very nice concert hall. The concert was on Sunday afternoon when I was taking Barry back to the airport. But, Paula filmed the concert so maybe I’ll be able to add video to the site some time soon.

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