Breakthrough evening

So, we often take time in the evenings to work with our kids in a fun way on school things. Paula and I each take a child and we work on math or letters or spelling or any learning activity that we can make fun. We will go to teacher stores or homeschooling stores and buy materials that we can use with our kids.

Presently, Paula is enjoying a jar of coins and a book that she bought to help kids learn about money. She was working with Ellie tonight on trying to count money. Ellie learned the worth of pennies, nickles, and dimes. Paula would give her a set of coins and ask Ellie to explain how much they were worth. Along the way, Ellie demonstrated that she could count by 5s and even by 10s. Ellie was getting it and it was neat to see.

I worked with JD. We also started with coins, but that was a more difficult concept for the little guy. He can get the pennies, but that gets boring pretty quickly. So I shifted to letters. More and more lately, we’re learning how well JD knows his letters. And, he doesn’t just know letters but he knows the sounds most letters make. I decided it was time to see if he could read simple consonant-vowell-consonant words. I started with a few, but he was getting close, just not quite there. He has this habit of saying the sound a letter makes many times and that disrupts the flow of trying to read the word. I eventually convinced him to just say the sound one time. I wrote the word "BOP" on the page and he sounded it out just fine, but didn’t connect it all together. I asked him what he just sounded out and he kept hoping it was a much longer word — "better" he’d exclaim. I then asked him to sound it again, but to do it quickly and listen to what he was saying. That worked. He immediately blurted out, "Bop!" He was a very happy little guy. And, just think . . . he won’t even start kindergarten until a year from this coming August.

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  1. Thanks for the update.
    Kind of a grey, rainy day in KS, but the website stories and photos certainly brightened the day.
    Sorry for the family loss. Grandparents provide such a richness to our sense of family. Must be that continuity in transgenerational view we can get and maybe too an appreciation what others have given (offered, sacrificed) that contributed to who we are today.

    Go j-hawks. Beat those Wildcats today!

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