Well, I am very sad to say that Nana Dinelli passed away today. My grandmother was 80 years old. The kids and I went down to see her this weekend. On Friday they were able to talk to her, tell her they loved her, and share some good stories. Today when I told them, they both said how happy they were that they got to see her and that they would never forget her. I have many, many wonderful memories of time spent with both my grandmother and grandfather including countless breakfasts and lunches at their house. (They weren’t big on dinners.) I know some of my cousins and even my siblings thought I was their favorite. I’m not entirely sure, but would have to say I was one of the top two or three. Seriously, they loved us all, and I’m feeling very grateful for every minute.

The kids and I have had some interesting discussions about life and death recently. Josh has no doubt that Nana is in heaven where God (whom he believes to be female) has restored her to her healthy self, and she is living large with Papa. Ellie on the other hand can’t get past her very logical mind. Her response to Josh’s explanation of life after to death was, “Well that would be really nice Josh, but I just don’t know how that happens.” I tried to explain “beliefs,” but as I said Ellie is currently operating in a very logical world. Stay tuned for more developments on that front.

When a loved one is lost, the opportunity to reflect on life and time spent together is such a gift! My mom discovered a little cardboard box in my grandparent’s house with a note on it that said, “Open with care.” Inside was a dried rose and note that read, “This rose comes from a bush planted by Papa Dinelli on the day Elizabeth Lancaster (better known as Ellie) was born. The bush was a Queen Elizabeth! 4-2000.” They were so cool!

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  1. Paula, I’m sorry for the loss of your grandmother. It sounds like you will have many wonderful memories to treasure. It was such a sweet thing about the rose bush that my eyes welled up reading it. How neat. Take care. -amber

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