Cutie JD

i took JD to his preschool this morning as i typically do and JD pulled me aside. let me backtrack a little bit to give you the proper background. not too long ago, i started walking into JD’s preschool with him and announcing his arrival — “ATTN ladies and gentlemen . . . Announcing the arrival of JD; the JD!” a silly thing, no doubt, but it always made the other kids laugh.

well, the little girls in JD’s class one day struck back. they all joined hands and chanted, “You’re so cute . . . You’re so handsome.” etc. and this embarrassed JD to no end.

so, this morning he pulled me aside and asked me not to do that one thing where i tell everyone he is there. so, we walk into the classroom and all eyes on upon us. the other little kids have grown accustomed to the new tradition of announcing JD. such a dilemma. i decided to say “ATTN ladies and gentlemen . . . Announcing the arrival of . . . of . . . JD’s dad. — Thank you, thank you very much. Hold the applause.” this got a few smiles, but the girls immediately jumped up to chant about how cute JD is, which i think was the point of JD asking not to announce his arrival. so, i think JD is a bit mad at me right now. heh heh.

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