Wild things

i recently bought tickets to the grand rapids ballet’s presentation of where the wild things are & also to the the firebird. the show was tonight and our whole family went to see the show. i purchased the best tickets i could get and that put us up near the stage in about row 4. fortunately, the people in the rows ahead of us didn’t show up so we had an unobstructed view of the ballet.

truth be told, i didn’t think our 4 and 5 year old would last, but they surprised me. further, we went to the late show that started at 7:30 so i figured we have at least one sleeping child before it was over. again, i was surprised. our kids just loved the ballet and they sat there and never complained and never lost interest. they clapped when the ballerinas and performers did amazing things and they laughed at the funny parts. it was an awesome experience.

on the way home, we stopped at yesterdogs:

digitalcity writes this about yesterdogs:

This ’50s-style hotdog joint, located in the heart of Eastown’s music and nightlife scene, proves that hotdogs can indeed be anything but ordinary. Yesterdog specializes in making quite possibly the tastiest, messiest, loaded-with-the goods’dogs you’ll ever chow on. One thing is for certain: you’ll never again take napkins for granted. The Yesterdog experience — and it is just that — also includes a neat interior featuring gads of early- and mid-20th century memorabilia, and a way to order food that’s especially entertaining when the post-bar crowd rolls in. Even watching the Yesterdog staff prepare hundreds of hotdogs in a matter of minutes during their busy periods is something of a spectacle. Truth is, there’s nothing ordinary about Yesterdog, and that’s a very good thing.

joshua was grossed out by the messy hotdogs, but ellie used her adventurous spirit to take a bite. normally, she just wants ketchup, but she tried one of the yesterdogs with relish, mustard and a little big of chili and said, “dad, i don’t ever want to eat hotdogs the old way ever again. from now on, this is the only kind of hotdog i want.”

terrific night out.