Miscellaneous notes

So, a few weeks ago we went to Illinois and Paula and I attended her 20 year high school reunion. What great fun that was. Last week, the Cook grandparents came and visited. We had a lot of fun. We didn’t do much, but we did get to spend a lot of time together and that’s the purpose of the visits like that. On the second day the grandparents were here, we decided to go out to eat. Ellie’s favorite restaurant is a place called Rose’s(we all like it quite a bit), so that’s what was selected. It’s here in East Grand Rapids and it’s right on the lake. Anyway, we headed to Roses and just happened to arrive on the first day that they decided to offer their famous squash soup. Yummy.

We recently had an extra garage built. It’s a detached 2-car garage that is 24′ x 24′. I love it. Paula will park in the old garage that is attached, but the other half of it will hold the snow blower and anything we need easy access to from the house. My new garage will be where I park and it will eventually hold a flatbed trailer and a workshop. Grandpa Cook helped me to get the garage interior finished and it looks terrific. We even managed to put up some pegboard for hanging stuff.

Paula and I have signed up to help in Ellie’s Kindergarden class every so often and my day was today. I got to work at the art station and the kids will shift from station to station around the room and work on various skills. I helped the kids make a jack-o-lantern mosaic thing. It was a great chance to see Ellie in her school environment and a great chance to learn the names and faces of her classmates. I’ll be back soon, but Paula gets to go next Tuesday. Speaking of Paula, she is now the co-director of our local Daisy scout troop. They had their first meeting tonight with 11 little gals. While they met, JD and I went to the library and to Jersey Junction, which is a dessert shop with a zillion choices. JD settled for the playdough ice cream and I had the frozen chocolate-covered fruit kabob. Mmmmm.

Ellie and JD’s cousins and Aunt Julie and Paula’s Parents will be arriving tomorrow for 2 days of fun. I have no clue what the plans are, but I have made Paula aware that KU basketball starts tomorrow and much of it is being broadcast on ESPNU with a small portion also being broadcast on ESPN’s main channel. I plan to watch as much of midnight madness as I can see. What a terrific time of year. And, the leaves are really starting to look great about this time. I think the peak is still about 1 1/2 weeks away, but many trees are hitting their stride now.

Well, that’s all for now. Cheers!