Ellie is now two weeks into Kindergarden and she’s loving it. She was a bit apprehensive at first, but she’s come around and is really enjoying the experience. It’s so fun to walk Ellie to school every morning and it’s usually all 4 of us. There are just 3 houses between us and the school so the walk is pretty brief (and, we’ll love that when the snow starts falling).

Ellie takes a bus from Kindergarden to an after-school program also in East Grand Rapids and was also nervous about riding a bus. But, like Kindergarden, she has come around once she gets there (still nervous on the way). She is making many new friends and she remembers all of their names.

We took Joshua over to Ellie’s school on Friday when Ellie got out and they had a huge picnic. We ate on the grass and met many of Ellie’s classmates and their parents.

At one point, Ellie saw a 2nd grade girl that Ellie had met a year ago. She ran up the girl and said, “Hi Ella!” The girl was with her friends and turned to see Ellie and said, “Hi.” I could tell she was content to let that be the end, but Ellie wasn’t. Ellie spoke up a little louder, “Hey, do you remember [she said something or other that I forget at the moment]?” The girl turned and smiled and said, “Yeah.” Ellie grabbed my hand as we walked away and looked up to me and said, “She’s so cool.” Heh heh. It was cute.