Pump boys and dinettes

wow! 2 stories in one week. in fact, i had to mention 2 stories in one week because without doing so would have meant the vast majority of you wouldn’t have even looked below this entry to see the other new entry.

anyway, this is about pump boys and dinettes and that’s where i am going with this story. paula’s mom and dad came up for a few days this weekend. paula had them bring some nice clothes to see a show, but that’s all paula’s dad new. the show ended up being her father’s favorite musical — pump boys and dinettes.

the whole family went to see the show. it was playing in the spectrum theater in downtown grand rapids. i figured we were in trouble when i was walking JD and Ellie in and noticed that they were the only kids below 21 in the crowd. i also worried that the show started close to their bedtime. but, my fears were not realized. the kids loved it.

the show took place in a gas station and a diner that were adjacent. and, at one point in the show, the waitresses asked if anyone in the audience wanted to come up for some fresh homemade pie and coffee. before you knew it, Ellie was on her way up with paula following closely behind. and, seeing Ellie go meant that JD was on his way up there as well with grandpa following closely behind. the 4 of the them took up one of the two table and actually ate on stage in the diner as the musical went on around them. it was awesome to see the kids eating and watching and just thoroughly enjoying themselves. after a number or two, they let the guests return to their seats and i could see the huge smiles on the faces of the people in the crowd. the kids did just great.

when the show was over, JD looked over to me and yelled, “I LOVED THAT SHOW!!!” we all did.