Website update

well, as most of you realize, we do a poor job of keeping up with this website. i am sorry about that. we find that we spend most of our fee time playing with the kids and then we have other hobbies as well. i wish i could say we were going to be more dedicated to this site, but i doubt it. i am just sorry that we miss so many big events that we should be posting. i am going to make a concerted effort to at least ad the big things.

i am also working on a new website. i want to shift to a blogging tool. if you haven’t heard of blogs (short for a web logging tool — an online journal) then you’re not too unlike most people. however, blogs are catching on and they make the process of adding posts easier. i think easier would translate to more posts. this transition might happen in the next month, so stay tuned.

as for the kids . . . ellie is really ready for kindergarden. she starts in less than 3 weeks. we’re all excited. the school encourages parents to attend on the first day and stay the whole time. both paula and i are planning on being there. should be fun times.

JD (what i call Joshua these days) is doing swell as well. JD is growing pretty quickly. he’s a year and a half younger than ellie, but he has already reached her height when she turned 5 a few months ago. i am not sure where he gets it, but i am not complaining either. JD loves playing with his rescue heroes. did i say he loves them? well, he does.

ziggy has turned into the best dog in the world. i put a lot of time into the dog when we first got him and now that effort will pay off for his whole life. in fact, ziggy is so good that i can (and do) take him for walks without a leash. he never tries to escape as my dogs in the past would do. ziggy just minds. and, he’s wonderful with the kids, even when JD gets a little ornery from time to time.

i also have a lot of photos to add as well as some video to edit and post. school starts for me in 3 weeks, so hopefully i get to this stuff before then. be sure and check back and see if i make it.

finally, i signed up for some new photo sites. here’s a link to flickr, which is a cool site to use (very easy), but i am not sure if you can order the photos here. but, it’s really easy to view the photos and to choose the size you want to view them at. enjoy!