Play Ball!!!!

It’s started. Yep, t-ball is upon us. Ellie started t-ball yesterday and absolutely loved it. She is actually in a t-ball clinic that is being taught by our high school varsity baseball players. The clinic is 5 year olds (boy and girl). They split the kids up into groups of 6 and gave them each a couple of coaches to help them learn the basics. Ellie hit a homer when the fielder couldn’t catch her — the fielder was a high school player who just wasn’t fast enough to catch Ellie and could only get to within about 3 feet all around the bases. ;~)

Ellie is pretty good at hitting the ball. She also can move her glove when the ball is coming towards her so that she is getting the glove on the ball. That’s something that a lot of kids had problems with. The one thing she needs to work on is throwing the ball. We went outside this afternoon and worked on her throwing. Once she gets the form down, I think she’ll be a fine thrower.

Joshua is loving baseball right now. He thought it was fun to go and watch Ellie’s t-ball practice. After practice, we all headed to the sports shop and bought a ball and mitt for both kids. we also bought a bat and hard spongy ball. I mentioned how Ellie can hit the ball pretty well; she can, but Joshua absolutely walloped the ball tonight when I pitched it to him. Even Ellie yelled, “whoa Josh!”

The weather is getting really nice and we’re enjoying the outdoors. Fun times ahead.