Update . . . finally!

So, it’s been a long time since we wrote anything on this site. I am quite sorry about that. We’ve been busy, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to neglect our online scrapbook. We will have to come back and add the missed stories since last summer (and, much has happened), but this entry will not cover the history. First, I’ll bet many of you received our holiday card. Welcome to those of you visiting for the first time. And, that reminds me that I have to add some photos to the site. I have a lot to choose from, trust me. We also recently purchased a new video camera so I hope to have some more media files of the family (read: home movies).

We spent today with Ellie’s friend Molly and her family. They took us to a dog park about 8 blocks away. The park is entirely fenced in and has a huge hill. Take one part hill with one part deep snow and you have the perfect recipe for sledding. Yep, we went sledding today . . . And, it was fun. We took along our dog, Ziggy, and he had a blast. Oh yeah, we now have a lab/poodle mix. He was born on Oct. 6 of 2004 and we took him home in early December and had him house trained shortly thereafter. He sits on command, he lays down on command, he comes on command and this is all after just 4 weeks with the little guy. He’s a very good dog. And, Joshua loves Ziggy. They play together quite a bit. And, Ziggy sleeps on Joshua’s bed every night until Sean goes to bed and then Ziggy goes in his dog kennel. Joshua and Ziggy play fetch and cuddle all the time. Ellie loves having the dog as well. She was nervous at first, but she’s really taking to the puppy.

Paula and Sean will appear before our colleagues next month to find out if they support promoting us from assistant professors to associate professors. Our paperwork (portfolios) are due on Monday so I am procrastinating just by writing this journal entry, but I knew the cards would be arriving and wanted to have something new here.

Ellie is getting better at reading. We still don’t work on it much, but we’re not in a hurry. She gets bits and pieces here and there and is doing great. She even read a word that was 8 letters long yesterday (I think it was umbrella), which is probably a record for her at this point.

In any regard, we’ll add some big updates soon.