Happy July 4th

So, we had some great fun over the 4th of July weekend. We spent a lot of time with the Fowlers. Ellie’s best friend is Molly Fowler and we been hanging out with them quite a bit lately. On July 2nd, we went to the Fowlers to decorate bicycles for a parade in Grand Rapids. The actual parade was on July 3rd.

Ellie and Molly decided to bike in the parade and they managed to bike the whole parade (over 1/2 mile). They both have a little bit of problems with steering but nothing too major. Ellie did crash one time into the curb. She flipped up onto the grass and hopped right up, ready to jump back on her bike. Such a trooper. Joshua decided to let Paula carry him in the parade…They dropped back and eventually Paula, Joshua and Molly’s mom (Malinda) — with the dogs decided to sit down and wait for us to finish and return to them. Great time was had by all. We all went out for breakfast afterwards.

On July 4th, Ellie wasn’t feeling well, so Joshua and I went to the Fowlers for the East Grand Rapids parade, which starts right by the Fowler’s house. We grabbed a bunch of candy and knickknacks. That evening, the Fowlers came over to our house and we used my new grill:

After a wonderful dinner, we headed off to the town lake to watch the fireworks. It didn’t take Joshua long to realize that he didn’t like the boom, so he grabbed his blue blanket and covered up. Everything was just fine once he had his security blanket on. He was quite the funny site to see peeking out. In fact, if you click on the “Our Photos” link on the left you can view some photos from the past week.

I mentioned earlier that Ellie wasn’t feeling well. We finally got her in to see an after-hours doctor and learned that she had a mild case of pneumonia. Poor girl. If there is a virus running around, Ellie is bound to catch it. The good news is that she is doing much better and the medicine appears to be working.