April was a big month

This article is just going to recap some things that happened recently, but Paula and I will come back and provide more in depth stories for everything mentioned here. And, while April had some big stories, the big story from this weekend is all about Joshua. On Saturday, Joshua just suddenly decided he was ready to use the potty chair. He hadn’t used the potty chair yet beyond a little attempt about 8 months ago. Anyway, he didn’t just decide to use it one time on Saturday, but he actually used the potty chair correctly 4 times on Saturday with one time being the #2. 😉 He’s a big boy.

In April, we spent the better part of one week in the hospital with Ellie because she had pneumonia. I had bought tickets to Sesame Street Live and the performance just happened to be while Ellie was in the hospital. Joshua and I went to see the show and had a great time, but Bert and Ernie made a special trip to the hospital to see the kids in the Children’s wing. Quite a nice gesture and Ellie didn’t have to miss out.

The kids grandma and grandpa Cook and aunt Amber came to visit. Mucho fun was had while they were here. Perhaps the biggest moment was Ellie’s 4th birthday party. Ellie missed her 1st party for her friends because of her hospital stay, but we had it a week later and 10 of Ellie’s closest friends showed up to party all out. Fun times.

Finally, I bought a new Nikon digital camera (D70). Very nice camera and this means I should be posting more photos than ever before. I also hope to set up an online studio where visitors (e.g., grandparents especially) can order any prints they want.

These items were just briefly summarized…More to follow soon.