March madness

March 27, 2004 was a busy day of play in the Lancaster house. We started the day by heading outside to enjoy one of the first nice days of spring and stayed outside for the better part of the day. In fact, there are a bunch of photos from today (click Our Photos on your left to see them). At lunchtime, Ellie told me she wanted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I thought it was a good idea and left the kitchen area to check on Joshua. When I returned I found Ellie on the kitched floor with a bunch of pieces of bread matched in pairs sitting on the kitchen floor. She also had the peanut butter and jelly out and was ready to make sandwiches. It was neat to see (and, you can see a few photos of it in the Our Photos link — left).

Joshua was busy outside with Paula. Paula cleaned their toy house to get the winter scum off of it and Joshua was having a ball. He also got bubble mix out and blew bubbles for quite a while.

After naps, I took the kids on a wagon ride and we headed over to the school playground. Man oh man, it’s quite easy to see that the kids have grown over the winter based on the things they could now do on the playground equipment. Both kids headed up the big swirly slide and didn’t hesitate one second before sliding down. They climbed on everything and looked like old pros.

Paula and I bought a new queen sized mattress and moved our old one to the guest room. When then took the regular bed in there and moved it into Joshua’s room. He was extremely excited to get a new “big” bed and squealed with delight, which was followed by a bunch of jumping on the bed by Ellie and him.

Today was a great day…then again, every day is great with my family.