Little Hound Doggie

Joshua just gets sweeter and sweeter. There was a time when Paula and I thought he might just be an angry child because he would get so frustrated before he could talk. Now, he is getting more and more confident with the words he uses and his vocabulary is exploding. In fact, he isn’t afraid to try to say any word.

Joshua does have difficulty enunciating his words, but he tries them where he used to just get frustrated.

Joshua is just a lovey-dovey little guy. He has also gotten so polite…He is quick to apologize when he has done wrong (by contrast, Ellie used to be very hard-headed about saying, “sorry”). Joshua also says please when he asks for things and he is pretty good about picking up his toys…particularly for a 2 year old.

He and Ellie play together so well. I have the kids on Wednesday evenings when Paula teaches and I can sit in the kitchen making dinner and then cleaning up afterwards and those two can play together the whole time…what nice kids we have.