Musings on Ellie

So, we found out that Ellie was the only child in her class who understands how to play Simon Says. The other children couldn’t quite get it when Simon didn’t say to do something. But, her teacher told us that she tried to help them learn. 😉

Ellie and I spent some time reading tonight and she actually gets it. We are still in the early stages and she has a few letters that she cannot identify correctly every time when trying to get the upper and lowercase versions of the letter correct. And, she sometimes forgets a letter’s sound, but she gets many more correct than not and she understands that the sounds fit together to form a word…she was able to read bed, hats, and cup tonight (and, I think we worked on one or two others that I can’t think of for the moment).

I asked Ellie if she knew her phone number tonight and she recited it correctly…Paula worked with her one time on our phone number and that was a few weeks ago. Pretty impressive young gal. She just has a very, very good memory…which means we can’t ever make a promise to her with the hope she’ll forget it — she doesn’t forget.

There are many stories to tell, but Paula knows many of the stories better than I do, so I’ll try and get her posting soon.