Children’s Museum

We picked the kids up from pre-school and headed off to the children’s museum here in Grand Rapids where the mother of Ellie’s best friend is an administrator. The kids had a pizza party and then we headed into the main museum for the fun, though the kids probably would have enjoyed just hanging out in the office area. 😉

The museum is open late on Thursdays and we spent a few great hours playing on the various exhibits. Joshua and I went into this house of mirrors-type exhibit. We had a lot of fun hiding from each other and then finding the other person. Even when “hiding” you still were visible in one mirror or another. When we decided to try something else, Joshua thought he would run out of the mirrored exhibit and took about 4 steps and smacked into a mirror that was slightly angled away from him…he turned right into it and landed on his side. Of course, my first concern was making sure he was okay, but he didn’t even cry. He looked around at the wall; saw me in the reflection and just started cracking up laughing, as did I.
We spent quite a bit of time on the exhibits we chose to visit. The kids (Joshua, Ellie and Ellie’s friend Molly) got along amazingly well the whole evening and played together much of the time. The evening was a blast. It’s nice to see Ellie starting to have friends that she wants to do something with outside of the school-type environment and then having the attention to play together and enjoy it. When kids are younger, they can get together, but they also seem to get bored with each other and sort of do their own thing often. Fun times.