Learning away

So, in the last few weeks we’ve discovered that Joshua pretty much knows his ABCs. He doesn’t enunciate very well, but he can sing the song pretty well. Last week, Ellie sat Joshua down and worked on the ABCs over and over (it was quite cute to watch). Joshua has impressed us lately with the strides he is taking in language development (talking in complete sentences often) and general understanding of things.

Joshua is developing a very funny sense of humor and loves playing little tricks and he loves to laugh.

As was mentioned in a previous story, Ellie has moved up to a new classroom at her preschool. She was quite hesitant the first week there, but has loved it this week and told Paula that she hopes to stay in this classroom forever…and, she loves her new teachers.
Paula was speaking with one of her new teachers and he received his degree rather recently in elementary education. He told Paula that he was extremely impressed with how smart Ellie is and that she was smarter than many of the elementary school students he worked with in his student teaching. She just has very, very good reasoning skills for a child who is 3…or even older for that matter. There have been a few times in the past week or so where Paula and I have been taken aback…I’ll have to have Paula recall and incident because I am now drawing a blank (Ellie’s memory is much better than mine and you can’t trick that child on anything).
Paula here – Ellie’s friend Yu (pronounced you) is leaving school and moving back to Japan. We’ve had a couple “who’s on first-type” conversations with her as she says, “I played with Yu today,” or “Yu made this for me” but we hear, “I played with you today and You made this for me.” The whole things get kind of confusing. Ellie sits Sean and I down tonight to explain, “When I talk about playing with or sharing with ‘Yu’ and it’s school stuff, I am talking about ‘Yu’ – Y-u not you.” Then she went on. “There are three yous – Yu, Y-u, my friend, u, the letter of the alphabet and you” (pointing at us). “Now do you get it?”
Ellie’s a little concerned about Yu leaving. She’s also friends with his sister Yuki and really hopes they come back. She told me that she won’t see them for weeks and maybe longer. Then she told me that Japan is far away that they have to take an airplane. “Mom, I bet it’s farther than Florida. Is it?” “Yes, Ellie, it’s farther than Florida.” “Hmm, Mom, I think I will tell Yu to just sleep on the airplane, because he’ll probably be on it all night.” “Good idea, Ellie.” “Thanks Mom.”