Picnic fun

Sunday was a fun day for the Lancasters. We didn’t have any dinner pans, so Ellie decided we should go on a picnic…and, that’s just what we decided to do. We grabbed a blanket and switched the car seats over to daddy’s car…put the top down and headed off to Reed’s lake — Reed’s lake is our local little lake, I dropped the kids and Paula off to find a picnic location and I zoomed over to the store and bought the supplies…just the necessary things (e.g., chocolate marshmallow pumpkins, etc.). We had our little picnic and then headed down by the water to see the ducks and look for fish. Lotsa fun was had by all. Rather than describe the details, I have already added the photos to the site so you can go and see the details for yourself (just click on “Our Photos” in the menu).