Musings in early Sept. 03

So, many of you know that Ellie now attends a pre-school a few days a week. The teacher told us that Ellie has the best vocabulary…And mommy and daddy know all about it. The other day, Ellie was placed into time-out (I can’t remember why). When she had finished crying, she started talking. She told Paula that sitting in time-out is not very useful because kids can’t have pacifiers, blankets, toys and aren’t allowed to watch t.v. or play…further, she said, mommies and daddies who place their children in time-out are not very useful either. Heh heh.

She is also very good at using language to tell us when she thinks she has been wronged rather than lashing out (e.g., hitting Joshua). I have started to notice that she is very aware of the times she has “the floor.” She will often start talking and I’ll add something to her story or pose a question and she is quite quick to say, “dad, you interrupted me and that is not very polite.” It’s almost funny. Almost. 😉

Anway, back to school…they were asking the kids what their parents do the other day. When it was Ellie’s turn, she stated that her daddy, “drives a new car.” When asked what her mother does, she told them that, “she drives the old car.” Pretty funny stuff.

Joshua is just the sweetest little guy. He may look more like Paula, but I can tell that he is taking after me. He discovered my nice leather basketball hidden in my closet the other day and he has been inseparable from it. In fact, he has even started carrying the basketball into his bedroom at night and is sleeping with it. The ball is so big compared to him, but he just loves it. That puts a big smile on my face.