late July musings

so, Ellie and i were hanging out down on the floor with Ziggy the other day and we started laughing. and then we laughed harder . . . and harder. i think we laughed for 5 minutes straight. in fact, we laughed so hard that Ellie nearly started crying because her throat started hurting. and the first thing she said when we finally regained our composure??? “dad, can you write about this on” ta da!

both kids are attending camp this week. Ellie is attending a National Writing Project camp on the Grand Valley State University’s Holland Campus. she goes for 1/2 days this week and is working on writing her memoir along with some other creative writing. i plan to film her reading some of her writing at their performance so stay tuned for that.

JD is at Camp Manitou-Lin. he attended last year as well. every morning he jumps on a bus at 7:40 AM and returns home at 5:20 PM. in between, he rides horses, kayaks, and generally does camp things. fun stuff. we have a big parent night planned tonight and the campers will put on a performance so i’ll film that and post it soon as well.