Trip to Kansas

Well, I am just now getting around to posting about our trip to Kansas two weeks ago. We had a wonderful time. And (drum roll please)… we flew. Yep, some special drugs and having the kids along helped me to get beyond my fear of flying. Great flights both ways helped (read: no turbulence and/or weird sounds). We arrived in Kansas on July 15 and immediately grabbed our rental SUV (Jeep). Paula had a conference in Kansas City on Wednesday morning so we headed to the Mellards for the evening. We spent a few days with the Mellards and then headed off to Junction city to see my family. The kids actually went to JC a day earlier and had loads of fun.
Paula and I were able to see most of our old KU buddies at a CRL function on Wednesday evening. That was also Paula’s birthday so we left a little early and met Ashley Mellard and her fiance for dinner and chats at Free State Brewery. Fun times.
In Junction City, we spent time with my family…all of them in the area. In fact, we also had the pleasure of seeing Peter and Barbie and their kids who were in from Colorado. More Fun times.
These trips always make me want to go house shopping and move back to Lawrence. What a great place it is. I taught two online classes this summer (my first) and was able to work almost every day from my home office. Perhaps some day we can live anyway and still “attend” work.
I will try and get Paula to add more to the story…