Ann Arbor

Paula finally jumps into the fray…

We had a very exciting weekend a few weeks back (I am just now getting this posted). Friday afternoon I took Ellie and Josh to Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is Michigan’s version of Lawrence. It’s a great town — home of U of M, but we like it best because Kate Johnson, Ellie and Josh’s former night-time babysitter lives there. Kate is getting married in November and has asked Ellie to be a flower girl. Ann Arbor is two hours away, so I decided to drive over on Friday and spend the night. Kate talked me in to taking both kids. Josh was in an interesting mood on the way down. We have a VCR in the car which he likes to think is his own. He is somewhat obsessed with it. He picks the movie to be watched and then holds the next two tapes in his hands. This day his attention span was very short. About every ten minutes he wanted a new movie. After the third movie, I told him he had to watch the whole thing. Ellie agreed. It was a Thomas train. She likes Thomas and especially likes the “Little Engines” performed by a children’s choir at the end of the movie. Josh was mad and proceeded to yell at me in his own little way, for the twenty minutes. I finally told him he would need a road side time-out and started to slow the car down. Miraculously he decided that Thomas the train wasn’t so bad after all. Why it took me twenty minutes to figure this out is a question I am still asking myself.
Kate met us at the hotel and had gifts for the kids. Josh has a tough time remembering Kate, but Ellie requires a whole 45 seconds to warm up to her. We had dinner at Applebees. We like this restaurant because Ellie can get her favorite vegetable broccoli as a side, Josh can get his chicken and fries, and everyone gets a cookie. After dinner we went to Kate and Chris’s apartment to play with Dexter the dog. The kids were so wound up. They fed Dexter and played ball with him. Josh shared a water bottle with him. Then Josh decided to show off his tackling skills. He tackled Ellie about a dozen times before she had enough and walloped him. Somehow they managed to find all this extremely funny. I’m not sure I’ve seen them this wild and know that my description doesn’t come close to describing their behavior.
The next day was really fun. Ellie and Josh were terrific at breakfast. We ate in the hotel, and they were great. Kate joined us. After breakfast we headed to Kate’s parents’ house, and then off to the dress store. Ellie thoroughly enjoyed trying on her dresses. She had three different ones on, and each time she would twirl around grinning and batting her eyes. The fact that Josh had his nose a little pushed out of shape became obvious when he started knocking things over and stomping his feet. Finally it was time to go. Josh slept for the entire two hours while Ellie lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. Good thing too because Ellie and Josh were hosting a cousins sleep over the rest of the weekend!!