First day of Preschool

Well, Ellie started her first day of preschool today and everything went just fine. In fact, Joshua started a new daycare and his “classroom” is located right next to Ellie’s.

The kids arrived a little after 8:00 (we were running a bit late). We unloaded the bicycle and tricycle because they were going to ride later on (it’s a Monday thing…I think). We dropped Joshua off in his room and he immediately started playing with a toy hammer smacking balls that go with it. I think they will regret having that toy after a while. 😉

We then moved over into Ellie’s room. They were already filling a big tank with water and then adding coloring to make it very yellow. They had toy worms and snakes and Ellie immediately asked me to help her get a snake and rolled her sleeves up to play in the water (it was a waste-high table/tank for most kids so you could reach into it and play easily).

Paula and I switched back and forth between the kids for a while and then we decided to head home — Ellie had been pretty nervous so Paula was going to stay the whole day, but she got into the flow very quickly. Joshua, on the other hand, realized we were missing pretty quickly. I heard him and went to the car and grabbed his security blanket…That sort of worked, but he still didn’t want us to go. We finally made our way out and Ellie was deeply engrossed in her classroom activities and didn’t even notice us leave.

They called us after about an hour to let us know that Joshua had stopped crying and was having fun and that Ellie was doing great. This was comforting to know. Both rooms had pizza for lunch and they ate well. Joshua went right down for his nap and his “teacher” told us she tried to rub her fingers through his hair and he pushed her away and just quickly fell asleep. That’s my boy. 😉 Ellie, cried at nap time. She wanted her mommy and then she wanted her pacifier. She didn’t get either and ended up staying awake for most of her nap. She did take a quick nap. They both did great in the afternoon sessions.

When we picked the kids up, I told Ellie how proud we were of her for being so courageous. Ellie said, “yeah, but I did cry at naptime.” Paula then said she was sorry for not remembering to pack Ellie a pacifier (Ellie doesn’t typically get one during the day anyway, but…) and Ellie said, “that’s okay mom. we all make mistakes and i am not even mad at you.” It was pretty cute to say the least. The kids will go to this new school a few days a week and stay home the other days with mommy and daddy.