last day in Paris

day 43 (10/14)
last day. well, today was our last full day in Paris and in Europe. right after breakfast, we walked across the street and walked past a phone booth. JD’s shoe (sandal) came off and he stopped to put it back on. as he was doing so, the little old lady who apparently lives in the phone booth came running out and gently pushed JD and yelled at him. this surprised JD as he didn’t see her coming. Paula then yelled at the woman who then ran back to her phone booth and picked up the phone and started dialing 3 numbers at random. she listened and then probably got a recording as she started banging the phone against the wall of the booth. JD was amused by this so the shock of being pushed wore off quickly. we moved on, but this made quite the impression on JD and Ellie. we walked around for a few hours while my mom and Bill headed off to a Pere-Lachaise cemetery (largest in Paris and most visited with many famous people).

just before lunch, we met up with my mom and Bill and they then to the Science museum with the kids. unfortunately, the children’s wing of the Science museum was closed so that didn’t go so well. Paula and i headed to the end of the 1 metro La Defense where we ended up in a giant shopping mall. we found a great cafe for lunch and then shopped. i bought a book for the plane tomorrow and another wool sweater. Paula found nothing, which has been par for the course. she just can’t find stuff on sale like i can.

we headed back and walked around our hotel and then we all got together and went for dinner. we ate at the same place as last night. the food was great all around and we had some nice desserts as well. Paula and i walked around some more after dinner and got lost with no map, but then pulled out the trust ol iPhone and had it show us right where we were using Google maps. viola! we were found and no longer lost. whew. our alarms are set for 5:30 AM to catch our 9 hour flight. gulp!