Here we go

If you are looking for the older files that were recently here, they can be found by clicking on Old Files (if i’ve added that yet). [EDIT from 2006 — I have incorporated all old files into this new site, so you merely need to check the archives] We are living in our new house, but have much work ahead of us. Paula has already painted two rooms and removed all of the yucky wallpaper. I’ve replaced outlet covers and light switches. We were fortunate enough to have grandma and grandpa Cook here last week and grandpa did some major fixing up (e.g., new ceiling panels, recessed lighting, resizing built in entertianment center, adding outlets, etc)…and, grandma watched the kids. Very fun times were had by all. We expect to see grandma and grandpa Mehochko this weekend, so the good times will just keep right on rolling. Stay tuned!
(again, this was from May 2 and I’ve just carried it over to the new site)
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