Paris day 2

day 39 (10/10)
we started finding some sidewalk cafe for breakfast and then rode over to a stop prior to the Luxembourg gardens and walked to the gardens just for fun. we hung out there for quite a while and the kids managed to find a great playground . . . and even the mini statue of liberty. the whole gardens is just beautiful and the leaves are changing colors, which just added to the beauty.

we then walked into the Latin Quarter and found a good place for lunch. after that, we hit Notre Dame and then the shops around it. we found a place for crepes — mmmmm and Ellie bought a beret. off to the Arc de Triumph. we arrived and it was the first thing we saw coming out of the metro tunnel. awesome! and i had no idea you could go up it, so we did (absolutely no line either). there is no elevator and it’s something like 270 steps in a semi tight spiral. i had no problem but my kids weren’t too happy about the steps. i reminded them that they’re missing PE class. and they reminded me that PE is just 1 day a week and i am forcing them into PE every day. ah well. the top of the Arc provides some great views of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. at the bottom again it was time for the nightly lighting ceremony and they had some foreign dignitary from South Korea and a band playing, etc. we weren’t sure what was going on but it was neat anyway.

off to our hotel area — and we’re getting good with the metro. we chose some hot and happening French eatery and the menu was only in French and nobody spoke English. figured. i shut my eyes and pointed at my menu choices and they were great. actually, Paula did that as well and we weren’t disappointed. a very good day. tomorrow i think we’ll hit the river tour and do a double decker bus tour or something to give my mom and Bill and the kids a break off of their feet. who knows? we’ll decide at breakfast. it’s always worked in the past.