Bruges Belgium

day 37 (10/8)
we took off for Bruges in Belgium today and arrived in time for lunch. Paula and i both ordered a big ol Belgian beer and i also ordered a waffle along with my lunch. the kids even tried some local foods. Bruges is an incredible city as the city center is well preserved and looks like something out of the Renaissance period with a moat around it and the old castle-like buildings, etc. very neat.

we parked at the train station just outside of town and they provide you with a free bus ticket into the city center and back for parking there, which is cool. better yet, our total parking bill was $2, so we effectively parked and road public transportation today for fifty cents a person. can’t beat that. Ellie has been wanting a horse-drawn carriage ride for some time, so we found one here in Bruges and took that right after lunch. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing the town from the carriage and the ride overall. we then set about walking around the town on the old cobblestone roads. this place is ancient and is just very cool. everywhere you turn is picturesque. i have added a bunch of photos to our site so you should check them out if you haven’t lately as the new ones are being added fairly often (including some new ones from Amsterdam just now added). here’s one from the main market square:

we left Bruges in the late afternoon and headed for France. we’re staying about an hour from Paris. i picked a hotel with English television (1 channel — BBC) so that i could watch the presidential debate. doh. it was last night (and we watched it from Amsterdam at 3:00 AM). so we didn’t even turn the television on here as the kids were too busy doing homework tonight. math, math, math.