Last day in Amsterdam

day 36 (10/7)
we started off visiting the largest street market in Amsterdam — Albert Cuyp. cheap prices and you can buy nearly everything. we didn’t really buy anything other than freshly squeezed orange juice, but it was quite the experience. we then jumped on the metro to the museum area and visited the renowned Rijksmuseum. the kids enjoyed a section devoted to artists who create for kids. but they pretty much ignored much of the rest of the museum . . . that is, until we got to Rembrandt’s The Night Watch painting . first, you should know that this painting is huge — something like 12′ x 14′ (or nearly anyway). there was a crowd viewing the painting but Ellie, JD and i squeezed our way to the front and sat down. i had a little guide about the painting and sat with the kids for about 20 minutes staring at this one painting and discussing what was happening and why it was significant and we learned about the historical importance of the painting and much more. the kids were very engaged.

we jumped on a metro and headed over to Sara’s Pancakes. wow! JD and Ellie both agreed that these are the best pancakes ever made. they come served on a giant plate and they fill the whole plate. they’re made very thinly and have toppings piked high. mmmmm.

we then went back to the NEMO Science Museum for the remainder of the afternoon. i sat reading on the roof overlooking Amsterdam while Paula and the kids went inside and had some fun with very few other kids in the building. we then hoped on a tram to the Dam area and shopped for a bit, people watched; and, then found a Tapas restaurant for dinner. i should note that just before finding the Tapas place, we found a hot dog stand and JD ate a big hot dog. so at the tapas place, i was surprised to see him eat a full meal, but he did. it was 8:30 when we finished eating and headed back for a little bit of homework and showers.