day 29 (9/30)
a five and a half hour drive brought us to Prague in the Czech Republic. wow! this is a huge city, but we drove into the heart to our apartment, which is the penthouse of a very old hotel turned into a newly renovated apartment. beautiful. and get this . . . we have 2 bedrooms and free parking and free internet access and we’re only paying about $65 a night. yep, very nice apartment for dirt cheap. i think i love Prague. heh.

the Czech Republic is not on the Euro so our money isn’t good here. we found a bank and grabbed about $5000 of their money — roughly the equivalent of $300. it’s really weird to see the cost of things. for example, Paula and i got a very nice dinner for 2 of 4 meats, 3 sauces and veggies for nearly $500, but it factors out to a little under $30 total in US Dollars. i constantly have my iPhone calculator in use (the price divided by 16.7 for the US price).

it took us some trouble finding tram tickets as the tram is at the end of our block, but we figured out how to get tickets and jumped on a tram . . . the wrong way. we figured it out about 10 minutes later and jumped off and grabbed on the other way. if nothing else we were able to see more of the city this way. we got near the city center after crossing the bridge and jumped off and walked. i had the map backwards still so we again went the wrong way before correcting ourselves. this city is beautiful.


we made it to the city center and to the Astronomical Clock (above), which was built in the 1300s. it’s an amazing piece of work and is still running strong. but more than anything we noticed the incredible architecture of this city. Ellie noted that it looked like something out of a fairy tale . . . and it does. Paula was happy to grab a Starbucks coffee for the first time in a month as we sat in the center of the old town and watched people. the kids had fun walking around and just seeing the city’s beauty, but they also saw the giant castle up on the hill and we are now going to be forced to there tomorrow. should be fun. and we have 3 days to spend in this city, which wasn’t even on our original agenda for Europe.