Happy 7th JD!!!!

day 28th (9/29)
what a day we had today and JD had 7 things planned for his 7th b-day. we started off in the indoor swimming pool (#1) — it’s big and we had it all to ourselves. it was warm and i even jumped off of the giant boulders twice before being told that i wasn’t allowed to do it. heh. we moved on to the Alps next. we rode a tram 1/2 way up and then took a hanging gondola up to the top (#2). well, it was about 1/2 hour hike to the actual top. instead of riding down, we decided to hike (this was #3). everyone thought it’d be easier to hike down. it’s not. you are constantly trying to slow yourself down so every step is really working your calves. and in many stretches the gravel was loose so it was easy to slide. Ellie ran into me many times to keep herself from falling and Paula helped JD as he squatted down and slide and found other strategies. it took a few hours to get 1/2 way down and we decided to ride the rest of the way. that’s when we found out that we didn’t have tickets to get back. JD and Ellie about had a heart attack. fortunately, i was able to buy tickets and we rode the tram down. whew.

off to mini golf (#4). this was fun for everyone though we failed to get any hole in ones. i will say it was the toughest mini golf course i’ve ever played. it was on cement with no felt and the railings had no angles off of them as the ball would hit the railing and stick so you had to be straight on. and then they’d have 3″ bridges and ramps, etc. impossible stuff. but we enjoyed it.

the kids then did an obstacle course (#5) around a nearby lake and then we found a playground (#6). we finished the day by going back to the same eatery as last night so JD could order wienerschnitzel (#7) again. Paula and i ordered a deer soup and then a duck goulash. mmmm. we all had dessert and they brought JD’s out with a candle. ahhh. perhaps ending to a perfect day.