Northern Italy

day 23 (9/24)
Padova again and we spent the morning learning the metro bus system so Paula can reach her meeting tomorrow. i bought a Swatch watch so i could be more like the kids . . . i got tired of asking Paula for the time — or maybe she got tired of me. heh. we had to be out of our youth hostel by 9:30 AM and we couldn’t return until 4:30 so we kept ourselves busy shopping and exploring. we returned to do a load of laundry and work on some school work stuff. we met some people from Holland and a guy from the USA staying at the hostel. they were older like us whereas most of the folks at the hostel are closer to 20.

day 24 (9/25)
paula had her big meeting at the University of Padua (Padova) and the kids and i explored a bit and walked a lot. we all met at the huge Piazza after Paula’s meeting and grabbed lunch before jumping in our car and heading to Lake Garda — a giant lake in north central Italy. we found a hotel near the castle city of Lazise. you’ll have to check out our photos to see the castle — the entire old city is in the walls of the castle so it’s pretty cool. it’s right on the lake as well and has shop after shop after shop. big plans for the kids tomorrow.

day 25 (9/26)
Gardaland Adventure park. Paula will have to fill you in on the details as she took the kids and it’s a lot like Disneyland. i rented a bike and rode and rode and rode along the lake. they have a bike path around it, i assume as i only rode about 50 kilometers today (i am working on my metric system for all measurements as that’s used here). i had a job of finding a new hotel for 2 nights that has internet access and is affordable as last night we spent too much but it was getting late and we couldn’t spend time searching. i rode all over asking hotel after hotel about this stuff and found one that’s quite nice and reasonable right across the street from the castle town. we all spent the evening in Lazice eating dinner and enjoying gelato and walking.