Parma Italy

day 21 (9/22)
off to Parma. yep, that Parma . . . as in Parmesan cheese and ham. this is what JD has been looking forward to more than anywhere else we’ll go. he loves Parmesan cheese. well, we arrived in the town mid afternoon. the first thing we did was head to a Parmesan cheese and ham shop where we bought a big block of cheese to ship home and also bought a bunch of sticks of extremely fresh cheese. JD was in Heaven. to top it off, the coffee shop we went to next was the Nutella Coffee shop. the second favorite thing JD likes about Europe is Nutella. he couldn’t have been happier to have his two favorites back to back. if you don’t know what Nutella is then you might ask your grocery store. they might have it as ours does in Grand Rapids. so this part of the trip was a major success for the boy.

we found a Holiday Inn Express so that was a nice taste of home. we then set out to buy some warmer clothes. we found a mall and a shopping district. finally some affordable clothes. i loaded up on a few sweaters and a warmer coat, etc. it figures that today warmed back up again. but there will be cold days ahead off into the Swiss Alps and beyond. we decided to eat Sushi for dinner. i don’t think i could ever get bored with pasta, but JD and Ellie wanted Sushi so that was fine with Paula and me. all and all a pretty good day.