Last day in Perugia

day 20 (9/21)
last day in Perugia. we slept in until 8:00 today and it was refreshing. we took off to make some movies around town and grab some coffee. the kids made movies of our apartment, the streets, the city and some of the neat features, including the very new and futuristic Mini Metro. i’ll try and get the videos edited and placed online during this trip, but i make no promises. we had lunch at the place where i ate alone the other night. everyone loved it. in fact, we decided to eat there again for dinner. we shopped a bit in the afternoon and walked around just enjoying the town. it was cooler today so we wore jackets . . . and i even stopped and bought a few long sleeved shirts. i never figured i’d need them in the Italy portion of our trip. now i am worried about the Swiss Alps. heh. we just had a fun day being a family so there isn’t much to report today, but we lived it up. tomorrow we’re off to what JD hopes will be the highlight of his trip. more to come when i can get online again.