High society

day 13 (9/14)
we had our last cup of coffee in Cinque Terre and hit the road today. i am getting better at mountain driving and Ellie didn’t get car sick. the weather was gorgeous and we were treated to some great views driving up the Ligurian coast. off toward Milan, Italy. we stopped at a rest stop and ate at the little roadside joint. not bad panini. we found a 4-star hotel on the outer edges of Milan. it’s nice and the price is reasonable for the quality. we have to ride a bus for 20 minutes to get to the town center, but that’s worth it. i checked a 4-star hotel closer to the city center and it was more the double the price. MUCH more. so 20 minutes on the bus is fine. and Ellie and JD are getting to be pros on the busses and trains during this trip. the highlight of our evening was finding a Ferrari store. this place was amazing . . . and far larger than i could have imagined it to be. they have 2 Indy cars in the store and 5 different stories (or more). JD spent some of his money at this store on a Lego Ferrari kit and Ellie even bought a deck of cards, but she was much more amazed that you could buy the keys to a ferrari (non working) for $150. i am starting to get hungry for tiramisu, which i have yet to try here in Italy as gelato has always been my top choice. maybe tomorrow.