We had quite the scare with Ellie this past Tuesday. We noticed she had a small fever around 6:00 pm. By 9:30 it was worse, so we called the doctor and he had us go to a children’s clinic across the street from the hospital (10:15 PM). The doctor checked her out and said she’d be fine. We took her home and put her to bed. Just after midnight, Paula heard Ellie cry out and went to check on her. Ellie was starting to have a seizure. I called 911 and medical personnel arrived within 2 – 3 minutes. Ellie had convulsions and was unresponsive until the time the medical people arrived. We went to the hospital and spent the night in the ER running all sorts of tests. They got her temperature down (it was at 104) and she started to act normal again; albeit, exhausted.

The cute thing is that she never fought any of the tests. They would take blood and she would cry when they stuck the needle in, but wouldn’t stop them. One nurse was leaving after taking blood and Ellie lifted her head up and said, “bye” to the nurse. Another nurse took blood and gave Ellie a kid’s band-aid and Ellie looked at it and said, “coooool.” She had to take a bunch of x-rays. They finally concluded that it was probably a mild case of pneumonia and we went home (approx. 6:00 am).

We visited the doctor again yesterday…by the way, Ellie woke up the next day and was completely back to her old self (e.g., singing, dancing, having a good time)…anyway, we took her back to the doctor’s office. Our doctor looked at the x-ray and said that she probably wouldn’t say that it was pneumonia. She thought it was just a virus and had nothing to do with what Ellie went to the hospital for back in February. Whew!

They also told us that it is not uncommon for children to go into a seizure if your body has a rapid increase in temperature and/or reaches a certain temperature. It has nothing to do with anything out of the norm and there is no evidence of any harmful effects or links to any type of seizure disorders. This particular seizure is called a febrile seizure. Most kids who have a seizure of this kind will not experience another. Let’s hope Ellie is in this group as that was too much to take again in this daddy’s lifetime.

By the way…Ellie is 17 months old. Today we played the counting game. She made it to 14. She didn’t say every number, but she would say some and then we’d fill in the next one and she would continue on. For instance, she stopped at 4 and we said 5, she the said 6, 7, and 8, etc. That’s the highest she has gone. In fact, we haven’t practiced past 10. Hmmm.

Finally, there is a new movie of Ellie at this link. We’ll call this “Breakdancing.” It is no longer available, but here’s how she looked: