16 month old report

Ellie is identifying more objects than I thought possible at this age. She can recognize them in books, videos and out in the world and does so at every opportunity. I think her favorite things are balls, dogs, cows (Paula’s parents have some), and naming all of the people she knows. She says “hi” in the sweetest voice when she hasn’t seen you in a while.

If you ask Ellie how old she is, she puts one finger in the air and sometimes adds a quick, “one” along with it (she is 16 months as of yesterday). When she knows her picture is being taken, she says, “cheese” and smiles. She knows how to operate the VCR and even remove movies. If she has trouble, she points to me or mommy and indicates for us to come help her (palms facing up and she bends her fingers to her palms and then extends them over and over). Ellie is also saying “please” whenever she needs help or wants something. Additionally, she loves brushing her teeth. If she notices that we are brushing our teeth, she will say, “teeth” many times until we give her her toothbrush.

She knows just about everything that is going to happen on her videotapes before it happens. She also knows how to play along with most of them, especially the song If you’re happy and you know it… — her favorite is the last verse – do all 3 (clap your hands, stomp your feet, and shout hooray). she shouts “hooray” quite loudly. It is so cute seeing her play along with the Barney video.