Communication skills

Ellie has some people amazed lately with her talking. She not only waves bye-bye, but she says it. Also, while eating out recently, some women near our table waved to Ellie a few times and she waved back. When they finished eating, they walked over and told us how beautiful Ellie was. Paula said to Ellie, “Ah, they think you are beautiful” and Ellie looked at them and said, “thank you” to the amazement of the women. She also is very good with the yes and no head-thing; although, her yes is a very slow look up and then look down — very pronounced and cute. If we ask her if her diaper needs to be changed, she will indicate yes or no and has been correct every time thus far. She can tell us when she is hungry, when she wants to play, and when she is ready for bed, etc. A very fun age.